24 April 2012

Stadium Exercises

Here's some new speedskating exercises I've been experimenting with at the Wheaton College's McCully stadium. Coming up with new exercises keeps workouts fresh and interesting when often they can drag on and get dull really fast! Nancy and I are now beginning our 4th week of training for the 2012-13 season. These workouts are all off-ice and either running, weights, or dryland/low work.

For those wondering why we're already training again when the season just ended: Nancy and I DID take  2 weeks off. Those two weeks are very important for physical and psychological reasons, but, if an athlete (in an Olympic sport, note: this doesn't include many lazy professional sports players) takes a longer break between seasons then it takes too long to regain lost strength.

07 April 2012

[Sponsor] Extreme Endurance

Extreme Endurance is an athletic supplement company that is known for its lactate reducing products. The lactate byproduct we get in our legs from skating is our mortal enemy so Nancy and I are happy to be a part of their team and hope to get an edge on our competition in this coming season! Check out there website HERE.

02 April 2012

A 1500 Meter Race From December

Thanks to Mrs. Hansen for filming! This is one of only a few races I have on video but hopefully next year I can get a few more. I was really happy with this race and missed making the World Cup Team here by a second. Halfway through, the kid I'm skating with wiped out on the backstretch in front of me (because you'll wonder why he disappears). We're skating around 33ish mph. Oh yeah, and I'm in the red skinsuit...