14 August 2014

TSP Bandanas 2.0

So last year's bandanas looked like this. I just wanted to screen-print my own bandana that looked cooler than all those typical paisley ones, right?

I made about 40 in total but ran out with people asking me about more so I decided to try and create a different design and print a few more this summer. I wasn't sure where to start so I just went with some ideas and sketches I'd made throughout the year in order to be ready for a two week window I had to print them. I experimented with different colors and design combos to come up with a final design that could stand on it's own (like a poster) but also show creative shapes when folded up to wear. Basically I want to make the coolest bandanas out there (although I don't think I'm totally there yet). 

As you can see, the "ovalesque" design came from the original oval design (with little TSP logos making up the small pattern) and the thick, geometric lines spell out "USA."





There are about 100 bandanas left and I'll be selling them for $15. I would really prefer that I see you in person to get one to you because it'll be difficult if I have to ship a bunch. So if you let me know which one you'd like, I can write a list and set the bandana aside until I see you next or I can ship it if it I'm not going to be seeing you in the near future. The designs to chose from are shown above and I have anywhere from 1 to 10 of each—but the cool designs are going fast so first come first serve!

EMAIL ME AT:       jpeltzspeedskater@gmail.com

11 August 2014

EGYPT in just hours now!

The team: Jeremy, Wendy, me, Debbie, Tiffany, Claudia, Brian and Amber

We are in London {Heathrow} and waiting for our last leg flight to Cairo, Egypt...cannot update you quite yet on this summer's internship as it will take more than this short layover to truly give you an insight into the incredible summer I have had so far working out of North Coast Calvary Chapel. The people and connections I have experienced in the last months have blown my mind...as have others that have witnessed the connections I've made this summer, even if it was the sole purpose to make me feel less homesick and more at home.

But here is the short update on our team and where we are/what we are doing...

This trip: in London at the moment and heading to Cairo in an hour for 2 weeks. Going to Manhari, a village where the church family at North Coast Calvary Chapel sponsor kids and where the ministry Healing Grace focuses on helping turn around the cycle of poverty there. And then we will be coaching at a sports camp in Wadi the last week of our trip...and I will be coaching American football, haha. Still cannot believe I will be next to the pyramids in just over 5 hours, but I am so stoked to be once again being the hands and feet of God and serving alongside my Team members who are continually amazing me as I am slowly learning more and more about who they are and the journey God has taken them on in life. Love listening to people's perspective on life...

Ok, internet time is about to go out....bye for now. next time from Cairo.

God Bless,
Nancy Jr.

1 Corinthians 9:25