Thursday, October 16, 2014

First Time Trials of the year last Friday (Oct. 10)

Already raced a 500 meters and 3k at last week's "time trials" after just about four weeks of training on the ice. And coming from some great off-ice training this summer, I was already able to see some big improvements in these races–which included crushing a personal best time in the 3k. So cool!

Olu Sijuwade also recorded all of the time trial races in a 15 minute video I put up below. My 500 meters begins at minute 4:12, and my 3,000 meters at minute 14:14 (navy skinsuit, white boots). Thanks Olu!

500m (Milwaukee PB from 2/28/14)                               37.05
500m (Oct. 10th time trials)                                        37.29 (2nd best 500m in Milwaukee)

3,000m (Previous Milwaukee PB from 9/28/13)               3:57.63
3,000m (Oct. 10th time trials)                                     3:53.08 (new PB)

I know these times may be confusing to some of you but if you do understand then you'll know why I'd be happy starting off a season like this–as racing in the beginning of the season often starts off slow.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Milwaukee Long Track Masters Camp (Sept. 25–28)

Coach and I, along with Matt Hickson and Bruce Connor, had the privilage to coach a clinic for masters skaters last weekend. Still not sure how many of you all came, 30–35? It was so fun to be around a bunch of older kids that love skating and worked with such concentration to improve their technique–you guys are what skating is all about (Trish, I still say you gotta chill out cause you were so focused that your face always looked angry haha). Also, I wasn't sure how coaching on my legs all day and continuing to train would work but I was still able to pull off some great workouts! And of course, thanks Glenn Corsoe for setting up the who shebang.

Thanks Peter Haeussler for the photos!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Photos from the first two days on ice last week

As of today I've been on the ice for a total of seven workouts over two weeks. Six on my own. The cool thing is that I've already skated some of my best practices ever, WOOHOO. Thanks to all of the inliners I've been skating with on Team Rainbo in Illinois! I also want to say thanks to Paul Golomski at the Pettit for rigging up a sweet timing system and monitor (second to last photo) for the skaters, it's been fun using it.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

First Day Of Ice For Us All In Milwaukee Yesterday. Let's get it!

I'll be putting up some pics soon of the first few days on ice but before I can get back to my computer to do that, here's a couple examples of some skating exercises that's been part of my dryland workouts this summer.

Those exercises are just a small part of a workout that is a small part of my summer training that is just a small part of all the work I've put into speedskating. This summer I've had ample time to reflect on my future in speedskating and WHY I do it. What is the importance of training myself in such a self-centered regimen? Especially when you're never guaranteed results but only hope for them. From what in speedskating do I feel joy? (And it's not going fast because 35 mph on the ice seems slow after many years of doing it). Does God enjoy speedskating and watching speedskaters? How do spiritual matters and sport relate? These are some of the questions countless athletes are confronted with and I want to eventually post a response to them here.

Looking into the beginning of this season, I hope for two things; to be feel joy as I push myself hard on the ice over the next few months and that I can trust God to work everything for good, an abundant good–in winning and losing. "Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us," (Eph. 3:20 NIV).

Thursday, August 14, 2014

TSP Bandanas 2.0

So last year's bandanas looked like this. I just wanted to screen-print my own bandana that looked cooler than all those typical paisley ones, right?

I made about 40 in total but ran out with people asking me about more so I decided to try and create a different design and print a few more this summer. I wasn't sure where to start so I just went with some ideas and sketches I'd made throughout the year in order to be ready for a two week window I had to print them. I experimented with different colors and design combos to come up with a final design that could stand on it's own (like a poster) but also show creative shapes when folded up to wear. Basically I want to make the coolest bandanas out there (although I don't think I'm totally there yet). 

As you can see, the "ovalesque" design came from the original oval design (with little TSP logos making up the small pattern) and the thick, geometric lines spell out "USA."





There are about 100 bandanas left and I'll be selling them for $15. I would really prefer that I see you in person to get one to you because it'll be difficult if I have to ship a bunch. So if you let me know which one you'd like, I can write a list and set the bandana aside until I see you next or I can ship it if it I'm not going to be seeing you in the near future. The designs to chose from are shown above and I have anywhere from 1 to 10 of each—but the cool designs are going fast so first come first serve!