17 December 2017

Olympic Trials Tickets -details!

                                                                                                                                                      Photo Credit: Hilary Barreto

As many of you know, the long track speedskating Olympic Trials are coming up in just 2 weeks and 2 days to MILWAUKEE (Olympic Trials haven't been in Milwaukee since 1998, 20 years!) So many of you have been asking where you can buy the tickets, so below are all the details...finally!!! :) Thank you for being patient.

Olympic Trials Schedule (all in CST): 

  • Day 1 (Women 3000m/Men 5000m)
    January 2, 2018
    3:20 pm - 6:00 pm
  • Day 2 (Men & Women 1000m)
    January 3, 2018
    4:45 pm - 6:30 pm
  • Day 3 (Women 5k & Men 10k)
    January 4, 2018
    4:55 pm - 7:30 pm
  • Day 4 (Men & Women 500m)
    January 5, 2018
    3:20 pm - 7:00 pm
  • Day 5 (Men & Women 1500m)
    January 6, 2018
    5:05 pm - 7:00 pm
  • Day 6 (Women & Men Mass Start)
    January 7, 2018
    5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Jeffrey Jr. will be racing in the 5000m, 1500m and the Mass Start.

- Nancy (myself) will be racing the 3000m, maybe the 5k, 1500m and the Mass Start. 

- Brian Hansen will be racing the 1000m, 1500m, Mass Start.

**the Mass Start is the new event of this 2018 Olympics and it is quite entertaining to watch. Instead of our typical racing in 2 separate lanes against the clock, we race against each other packstyle on the innermost lane. Its not about the time, but who crosses the line first in the 16 lap race. Points are given to the top 3 finishers. Though there is a catch...prime laps are every 4 laps and those top 3 winners get points as well, just not as many as the overall finishers. It is definitely a race not worth missing!!!

To buy tickets to the races head here:


NOTE!!!! For those of you that cannot come to watch the Olympic Trials in person, they will be televised live on NBC Sports network. Schedule isn't out yet, but they're showing us live, so I'm assuming the same time as mentioned above!

For directions to the Pettit National Ice Center, see the map below

08 December 2017

World Cup #4 - Salt Lake City!

Today begins the last fall World Cup in Salt Lake City!

And today Jeffrey and Brian are both racing the Mass Start semi-finals. They will be racing this afternoon:

Mass Start semi-final #1: Brian Hansen @ 4:24pm MT (5:24 CST)
Mass Start semi-final #2: Jeffrey Swider-Peltz Jr. @ 4:39pm MT (5:39 CST)

All B group racing and the Mass Start semis should be able to be seen at this link here:


To watch the rest of the World Cup A group racing, either you need to head to http://web.icenetwork.com/home (you need a subscription) or you will have to switch IP addresses and head to http://www.eurovisionsports.tv/isu/

If Brian and Jeffrey advance to the finals (top 8 in their Semi-finals) then they will be racing Saturday in the Mass Start final. Times for that are to be determined still. Check on the ISU results site here: http://live.isuresults.eu/2017-2018/saltlakecity/ for the live results page and approx times they will be racing (which will be written on the left side of the events when updated).

Brian Hansen will also be racing the Team Pursuit today (2:11pm MT).

Tomorrow. Brian and Jeffrey hopefully are in the finals for the Mass Start. Brian will also be racing the 1500m on Saturday and on Sunday, Brian will be racing either the 1000m or the 5000m. For those updates, keep checking back to the ISU results side where the pairings will be posted the night before of who's racing and live results on the day: http://live.isuresults.eu/2017-2018/saltlakecity/

01 December 2017

World Cup #3 in Calgary, Canada, and World Cup #1 Results from Heerenveen, Holland

Hello friends! Tomorrow, I'll be racing my second World Cup Mass Start, and Brian Hansen will be racing his 1000m and the Team Pursuit with Joey Mantia and Emery Leman. Two weeks ago, World Cup #2 in Stavanger, Norway, didn't have a Mass Start race in it's program so after Heerenveen I came back to Milwaukee and put in a good couple weeks of training.

Here's what the schedule for this weekend of World Cup #3 looks like:


12:30 PM MT: Mens A Group 1000m (Brian Hansen)
 2:14PM MT: men’s Teams Pursuit (Brian Hansen)
3:52 PM MT: Mens Mass Start Semi-Final (Jeffrey)


Time TBD: Mens 1500 A Group (Brian)
Time TBD: Mens Mass Start Final (Jeffrey)

Live video stream:: http://www.speedskating.ca/events/isu-world-cup-speed-skating-3-calgary-can.
(Those in the US need to change your IP address to one in Canada)

Live results: http://live.isuresults.eu/2017-2018/calgary/index.htm

There may be a YouTube channel showing it live like there was in Heerenveen (that you wouldn't have to change your IP address for), but I don't have the link at the moment. If you have to, a quick google search may help you change your IP address but if you're not tech savvy I'm sorry! I don’t know how else to watch the races.

Sunday’s mass start final is determined by finishing top 8 in the Mass Start Semi-Final on Saturday.

(Below) As you all know, she's the strongest woman of a coach you'd ever meet–she'd put all the football coaches I've ever had to shame. This year, even though she's a 4-time Olympian and multiple–time Olympian coach, USSpeedskating isn't giving her an accreditation on the ice to coach Brian and I during these World Cup competitions, so she will have to stand outside of the pads. Somehow I think these issues that have happened over the years would't have happened if she weren't a woman.

Though the problem isn’t so much not being able to coach on the ice but the idea of respecting a coach who has contributed so much to speedskating.

Brian, me and some of the US team resting on during this Wednesday's practice.

What happened in Heerenveen?

I placed 11th out of 24 in the Semi-Final which was good but not enough to get me into the final. Yet it did keep me in the overall top 24 ranking which keeps a spot for the US in the Olympics. All this qualification stuff is so complicated! The key is that I stay top 24 overall for throughout these Fall World Cup events. 

Here's a screenshot of the overall Mass Start rankings since Heerenveen:

Racing the Mass Start Semi-Final in Heerenveen. Glancing over at Seung-Hoon Lee with Arjan Stroetinga right behind him.

Brian and I met up with Pim Cazemier in Heerenveen, our training partner from 2013.

09 November 2017

Just Before World Cup 1 in Heerenveen, Netherlands

Jeffrey Jr. (currently in Heerenveen, Netherlands) - Got out on the ice a few times this week, following Brian Hansen, Joey Mantia, and Emery Leman on some of their fast Team Pursuit laps. The Mass Start Semi-Finals begin Friday, with the finals on Saturday! It's tough to specifically plan for the Mass Start but it's good to know your opponents, their tendencies and how to react to certain situations and at the end of the day you just got to be aggressive.

World Cup Heerenveen Schedule

Friday: 500m, Team Pursuit, Mass Start semi-finals

Saturday: 500m, 1500m, Mass Start final

Sunday: 1000m, 3/5k, Team Sprint

I, Jeffrey, will be racing tomorrow's Mass Start semi-final @ approx. 12:40pm CST and Brian Hansen will be racing in the Team Pursuit with Emery and Joey @ approx. 9:45am CST (the 1st pair of teams start at 9:45, the US team are 2nd pair right after).


Nancy Jr. -
To watch these events can be complicated if you haven't signed up for an Icenetwork.com account. I tend to head to https://nos.nl/sport/schaatsen/ but you have to use a Netherlands IP address (I do that by using Chrome and the AnonymoX app --> https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/anonymox/icpklikeghomkemdellmmkoifgfbakio). There could be other ways, but I just don't know until I try watching tomorrow. I know ISU has a channel here: http://www.eurovisionsports.tv/isu/Speed%20Skating/ where I also believe you need an IP address from either Europe or the Netherlands, not positive though!

Or you can just look at the live results for the whole weekend here (not video, just times/placings): http://live.isuresults.eu/2017-2018/heerenveen/

If you know of any other ways, let me know or leave a comment below for everyone else to see!!!

Let the racing begin!
Jeffrey Jr. & Nancy Jr.

02 November 2017

99 days til the start of PyeongChang 2018 Olympics!

                                                                                                                            Hilary Barreto
I have written a quick update below and then following, a more personal section of thoughts from lessons I keep learning from my speedskating career.

The quick update version:

It's November FIRST y'all (can't believe it), well into our speedskating season and Jeffrey and I are currently training in Milwaukee. About 2 weeks ago we had our Fall World Cup Qualifier (our first of 2 national races each year, and the 2nd one this year is the Olympic Trials). Jeffrey qualified for the Fall World Cup team in the Mass Start (YAY!!) and I struggled through all my races, missing the Fall World Cup team. This Saturday, Jeffrey will be leaving for the first World Cup race in Heerenveen, Netherlands. This race is followed by 2 more World Cups weeks later in Calgary, Canada and Salt Lake City. We will send out updates when those race days are available to watch online. For myself, I will stay here in Milwaukee training through til the Olympic Trials (basically 8 more weeks) because they are in Milwaukee at the Pettit National Ice Center this Olympiad! :) YOU SHOULD COME watch because this happens once every four years and its local to all of you living in Wisconsin/Illinois. Details will come later when times and tickets are available. At the moment, January 2nd and 7th are the best days to come watch Jeffrey, Brian and I.

Jeffrey in the Mass Start at the Fall World Cup Qualifier where he placed 2nd overall in points: he is 3rd from the right, front row

For the more detailed explanation....keep reading!

To think of one reason why I struggled at this past competition is like trying to find a polar bear in a
snowstorm. There are just so many variables in speedskating to figure out exact reasons. Altitude, hitting my rest period wrong, equipment, a rash that I contracted from my skinsuit which was severe, past injuries, etc. It has made my mind spin thinking of what I could have done differently.

                                                                                            Hilary Barreto
Or. There is another way of thinking. I read recently the verse, "Let us run with patience." Hebrews 12:1. I faced quite a bit of trials going into the 2010 Olympic Trials and the 2010 Olympics. Though I reached my goal and beyond, it definitely set me up for what was to come in these last 8 years, which were more trials. Just when I thought I hit rock bottom, I found myself sinking deeper as I was struggling season after season. Back when I missed the 2014 Olympic team, I had a terrible 3000m race, that night I just cried and wanted to be alone in my room because I felt defeated. My mom-coach's response was..."no Nance, you need to go back to the rink tomorrow and cheer for Jeffrey, Brian and your friends. You must push through what is painful because people will be watching how you deal with failure, falling short of your goals, and struggle. It’s in this time that you have the greatest influence on people and show an even greater example of Christ in your life.”

Those words and my mom's example have stuck with me since, helping me work through more adversity and obstacles in this sport. In these recent years, I have questioned being involved in speedskating because I just seem to be stuck in the same rut of poor results. But there's always been a little voice, whether it is friends speaking into me, Jeffrey Gingold :), or the following words that I have read that remind me of the pure strength of persevering through the season and staying positive. Words that suggest an even greater strength that is hardest to obtain:

"...the power to continue working after a set-back, the power to still run with a heavy heart, and the power to perform your daily tasks with a deep sorrow in your spirit. This is a Christlike thing! Many of us could tearlessly deal with our grief if only we were allowed to do so in private. Yet what is so difficult is that most of us are called to exercise our patience not in bed, but in the open street, for all to see. We are called upon to bury our sorrows not in restful inactivity, but in active service--in our workplace, while shopping, and during social events--contributing to other people's joy. No other way of burying our sorrow is as difficult as this, for it is truly what is meant by running "with patience".    --Streams in the Desert (October 30th)
Hilary Barreto

I do want to clarify that I know my trials start in a place of privilege; that I have been given the chance to pursue dreams and not live just to survive day to day. Trials I’ve struggled through have wiped out things I hold onto dearly. Things such as identity, security, good race results, and goals that not only I have worked so hard for and have sacrificed a lot of my life to achieve, but also the team behind my brother and I. Our team (YOU, you know who you are) has poured into us by encouraging us, giving their services, sponsoring us financially, coming up to Milwaukee to experience a day in the life of a speedskater, and it motivates us to achieve results for their hard work put into Jeffrey and I. To you, our team, we can't thank you enough for the time and effort you put into us to make our speedskating career happen.

And so, over the year of my career, I’ve learned that my responsibility is to take advantage of the opportunities given to me and to put in effort. "To whom has been given much, much is expected." I've been given incredible opportunities and it’s how I use my platform, share my journey, support others, give back, volunteer, etc. that will be required of me. Already it’s a frustrating start to my season, but it’s the journey to the goals that are most influential and will impact and develop your character for life. Choosing a positive mindset while perservering through adversity has been the challenge for me when no one is watching. An Olympian's life isn't glorious behind the scenes nor does previous success guarantee future success. Each moment in life is an incredible gift, but life is a grind and always will be. You have to always put in the effort knowing that no matter the outcome, it’s been worth it.

Keep your eyes out for more blog posts to come, because both Jeffrey and I know that this is the best platform to keep everyone informed on the next 8 weeks and beyond...AND, y'all will need info on the Olympic Trials coming up so you can come watch the Olympic Trials in person! 

God Bless,
Nancy Jr.

Hilary Barreto