13 May 2014

Short update on my (Nancy Jr.) life...

Finals = done. The school year is officially over at Wheaton College and both Jeffrey and I survived, but just barely, lol. It was one tough semester for the two of us. Not just because we completely switched gears by jumping from training for the Olympic Trials to full-time students, but we enrolled ourselves in time-consuming, difficult classes. But though it was tough, the opportunities a student at Wheaton are priceless...and being in the out of Wheaton College as much as I have, being in the real world and then coming back to this community, has only made me realize Wheaton's worth even more. I absolutely love how as students, we can have meals with the professors, talk for hours with them after classes, be able to have meals at the dining hall (saga) with the greatest student body of Believers and share how the Lord is working in our lives, and then have to go to a Chapel service every other day. Not everyone likes having to go to chapel 3x a week, but I now greatly appreciate its value after being in a world that sucks life out of you...it's a time to be quiet, contemplative, and worship with the student body, something you don't ever have again once you leave Wheaton. Though it's been rough at times being in and out of Wheaton so many times (6 to be exact, haha!), I am thoroughly glad I have taken the super long route through college. And now I only have 1 more semester left...I will be graduating in December, walking commencement next May :) Never thought this time would come, lol.

So now summer has officially begun, where my awesome summer plans are revealed. I am pumped to officially say that today starts the 1-week countdown til I head to Carlsbad, California next Tuesday, working with the North Coast Calvary Chapel for the whole summer! It's the 3rd summer this program has taken place, and I am proud to be following in the footsteps of two great friends from Wheaton College who've already done this program before me the last 2 summers: Keri Shannon and Chad Musgraves. It's a sports ministry internship (click for more info), using the universal love for sports as a platform to work with local ministries. These local mission programs include: KidsGames, EdgeGames, MaxCamps and International Sports Leadership Training (ISLT). I will also be interacting with local ministries, such as homeless, surfing, FCA, YoungLife, hospital chaplaincy, and military and urban. In addition, I will be joining a team from the church and sent on a two-week mission serving trip, visiting foreign missionaries associated with North Coast Calvary Chapel, to Egypt in August.

And that is going to be my summer. Crazy to think I will be gone for over 3 months, but super excited to be jumping into a passion of mine: sports ministry, something I have felt the Lord calling me to because of the opportunities I have already had: speaking about my Olympic experience in Speedskating and how my faith in Jesus Christ has played a larger role in my career. This summer will be a time to use skills I have already developed from previous experiences and perfect them with the mentoring I will receive working alongside the North Coast Calvary Chapel. For those wondering, I do receive a scholarship after the summer that goes towards my fall semester at Wheaton, but I still have to raise half of the budget laid out for this summer internship. Which is always a challenge, but a way to see the Lord work and provide for those who serve Him.

I don't know how much time I will have to devote to updating y'all on my summer via this blog, but I will try my best. The best way is always Instagram, where I am constantly posting pictures...and you can follow me on the link found on the right panel of this blog, or directly here: @NSwiderPeltzJr. As for speedskating, cause I know some people have been dying to know, I am not done yet. For now, I am focusing on finishing Wheaton College, but I will probably be jumping back into the world of speedskating come January 2015 :) 

Well...that was NOT a short update, lol, for those of you who know me, I actually don't think I ever do anything short, it's usually long. Long texts called novels, long embarrassing voicemails, long saga (dining hall at Wheaton College) "dates", long workouts, long conversations, long track speedskating (ha), long distance speedskating, etc. That's just how I roll I guess. haha.

God bless,
Nancy Jr.

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