10 January 2013

Happy Birthday Nancy! 26

Nancy started skating again at age 13. That was 13 years ago so she has been competing for half her life! 

Unfortunately we're just sitting around our hotel room today in Salt Lake and we'll have a nice birthday dinner tonight after skating this afternoon. It's hard having to rest and train instead of taking the day off today to go to Park City and ski some slopes or something fun and different. Nancy races this weekend at the North American & New Zealand regional qualifier for the World All-Around Championships. I'm just here training with Nancy and Brian for another week until I go to Minnesota to compete there outside...brrrrr. Hope I can meet up with Jake Thomas there!

Also...been working on my first official logos for Brian's little rocket scientist brother, Stevie Hansen, who goes to University of Wisconsin, Madison! Finally learning a little photoshop. The top one was the final. Any comments on how to improve these though?

(sweet origami effect)

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