25 July 2013

Update 3 From Inzell, Germany (7/25/2013)

Montage of a stair sprint workout we did last week. In 4 days we head back to the states! Basically our schedule is...train in the morning, be too tired to do anything else other than nap, train in the afternoon, be too tired to do anything for a few hours, go to sleep...haha.


  1. Great job guys!!! Was this a sprint one? I remember last year going up farther, and Brian, jeffrey, and Pim kept going up to the road. Again, great job, wish I was there with you all.

    1. Thanks Bruce. Yeah it was a shorter sprint stair when I filmed this time but we usually do the full interval one. It's been a great month here and the weather was hardly rainy (as you know it usually is). Miss you too here!