04 August 2013

Highlight Video from our Inzell Training Camp

...as a tribute to our successful (& awesome) training camp in Inzell, Germany this past July, I put together a video that will give you a feel of what we did and experienced. Our team there consisted of Brian, Jeffrey, and I, then we've officially added on Darren Huang (Taiwanese) to our team for this next Olympic year. Robert Lehmann & Marco Weber (German Olympians) joined our team this July for our training camp and then Robert will continue to be with us here in the US training for a few more weeks starting tomorrow...

(p.s. if you were wondering...the 'Texas was You' country song doesn't quite fit us being in Germany, but is a dedicated to my country-music-loving roommate, Kaitlyn McGregor. Something that bonded us from the start...for those who know how much I love country!) 

the Flickr version is below...click on the HD in the bottom right-hand corner for better quality: 

First, thanks to Aaron Boogaard, Pascal and Dasha who video-taped for us every day we were on the ice for us to analyze! thanks to Brian, who's GoPro we used throughout this trip...that device is amazing! and a huge thanks to Marnix/KIA Speedskating Academy and all the skaters who welcomed us for the month. it was a tough month of training, but the experience with you will never be forgotten. 

God Bless,
Nancy Jr.

1 Corinthians 9:25


  1. Great Video, Sorry I missed it this year. Love you guys. See ya soon at the Pettit.

  2. So fun! Thanks for sharing Nancy! It looks like it was a great team... and a good mix of work and play. Miss you!