24 October 2013

US Fall World Cup Trial Races! Watch it live/get results here...

The US Fall World Cup Qualifier kicks of TOMORROW and continues thru Sunday in Salt Lake City....BUT you all can watch it all live online at this link:


Jeffrey will be racing the men's 5000m tomorrow (Friday), 1500m on Sunday, and maybe the 500m or 1000m on Saturday, that's TBD. 
Brian Hansen will be racing the men's 500m tomorrow (Friday), 1000m on Saturday, 1500m Sunday, and it's TBD if he will be racing the 5000m on Friday. 

For results without watching it live, head to: SpeedskatingResults.com and look for the title "US Single Distance Championships/World Cup Qualifier".

The ICE Network Schedule is as follows (which is also on the site):

SCHEDULE (Central Time Zone) 

10/25/2013 10:00am updatedLadies 500m
10/25/2013 11:06pm updatedMen's 500m
10/25/2013 12:28pm updatedLadies 3,000m
10/25/2013 1:45pm updatedJunior Men's 3,000m
10/25/2013 2:27pm updatedMen's 5,000m
10/26/2013 11:00amLadies 500m #2
10/26/2013 12:08pmMen's 500m #2
10/26/2013 1:35pmLadies 1,000m
10/26/2013 3:00pmMen's 1,000m
10/27/2013 11:00amLadies 1,500m
10/27/2013 12:32pmMen's 1,500m
10/27/2013 2:59pmLadies team pursuit
10/27/2013 3:19pmMen's team pursuit
10/27/2013 4:04pmLadies mass start
10/27/2013 4:19pmMen's mass start

For those wanting to help support #TeamSwiderPeltz, we still have our RallyMe.com funding site up (it has been extended 30 more days due to funds continuing to come in) and you can find that here.

Or for those that are wanting the T-Shirts that Jeffrey designed, there is a link above, but click here to go directly to the ordering page: TSP T-Shirts!

They are sweet shirts that are actually soft and really good quality, I think American Apparel? :)

God Bless,
Nancy Jr.

1 Corinthians 9:25

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