18 November 2013

Jeffrey's results from US Championships (Oct 25-27)

But first a couple pics I got from some of you who watched the live stream!!! You guys are awesome.

from cousin Mikey Swider

from Ryan Augustino

from Keri Shannon

A quick update here cause we haven't posted any results from the last competition! I raced only twice this time, trying to focus on the 1500m, my best distance. In the end I raced a pretty good 1500m,  had my best placing ever and broke my PB by a second. On the other hand, I started my 5000m really well but too fast so I ended up so tired on the last few laps...it was sooo painful, and painful to watch haha, but you gotta go for it sometimes. So I wasn't too happy with that. Remember, the US has 4 spots in the Olympics for the 1500m so that's where I've gotta be in less than a couple months.

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