02 January 2014

Peace Out SLC...

Delay delays delays...

Just sitting here at the Salt Lake Airport waiting for our plane to arrive and sorting through the emails I neglected during the Olympic Trials. One was from the DailyMail who had asked for pictures to use for an article, thankfully Jeffrey responded because they wrote up a nice piece (collectively put together from other interviews) on #TeamSwiderPeltz pre-1500m race. Sadly the outcome was not making the Olympic Team, but enjoy reading below (thanks Daily Mail!):


Then I finally had some time to read Kelly Gunther's article that just came out in USAToday...its amazing and a must read. Her struggle, missing out in 2010, pain, and frustration over these years has made this comeback so sweet, and seeing her make her first Olympic team, a dream of hers, is one of those Olympic stories that brings you to tears. And a story that will bring you to your feet as you cheer her on in Sochi 2014. Again, congrats Kelly, proud of you friend :)


On another note, racing for the Short Track Olympic Trials begins today with time trials, but check out this live NBC schedule for their full on racing tomorrow. Watch them! It is rare that one gets to watch elite level speedskating live on TV...


Time (ET)
Fri., January 3
Men’s & Women’s 1500m
8 p.m.
Sat., January 4
Men’s & Women’s 500m
4 p.m.
Sun., January 5
Men’s & Women’s 1000m
4 p.m.

God bless, and so looking forward to HOME and seeing friends and family who've given us SO much support!

Nancy Jr.

1 Corinthians 9:25

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