30 July 2014

Summer training and other things

Heyy everybody. I know it's been a few months since we've gotten a post up (says every blogger always) but we haven't forgotten our little place here and as this next season approaches fast we'll keep you all in the loop.


Nancy is still in the middle of her sports ministry internship in southern California and is very busy but loving every bit of it. No doubt she's got the energy to outlast those kids she's working with.

Also, as Nancy said in her previous post (from May), jumping back into a semester at Wheaton College was tough but important to keep training ourselves in other areas of life. We actually did take a class together called Christian Proclamation—basically a speech class–that had us giving talks in front of class trying not to laugh at each other. It was also sweet to have little bro Johnny (6 years younger than me) as a freshman baseball/football player at Wheaton too!

As for me, I've been training hard again since May with my favorite coach for the upcoming season. But the big difference for this year is that I'll be doing a lot of my training on my own since Nancy and Bri will be in college ... nooooo! (Brian at the University of Colorado Boulder). That means it's going to take extra motivation to, well, stay motivated. In May, I added inline speedskating as an integral training element to hopefully fill a gap in my endurance and strength on the ice. Big shout out to Illinois' Team Rainbo for some great training sessions already this summer! You guys are pushing me hard and I'm impressed with all your dedication.

Team Rainbo and me in the blue

Inlining last Saturday in Arkansas


Since the beginning, we as a team have been trying to change this sport for the better—advocating for the unrepresented athlete, helping younger athletes think big, standing up for what's right and condemning what's wrong, encouraging others and hopefully being seen as good examples to follow. Yet for years, USSpeedskating continues to take unfair actions directly against our coach and team as well as independent athletes across the country. USSpeedskating needs to realize that independent coaches and skaters—if dealt with fairly and respectfully—can only enhance their own image as an organization in the eyes of sponsors and the public.

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