07 September 2015

Calgary Training Camp in Pictures...(recap for those that have seen my Instagram/Facebook)

Yesterday I posted some videos, today I'm sharing the pictures that I've posted on Instagram/Facebook from our training camp here in Calgary, Canada for those that have not seen them on our social media.

Our world-class coach, Coach Nancy Sr. :)

Team Swider-Peltz (Nancy, Jeffrey, Darren Huang, our Chinese Taipei skater)

Inlining the first week in the rocky mountains, but because of the smoke from the fires in the Northwest, only the outlines were visible...

Though inlining was hard, the scenery was glorious...wish Wheaton had mountains :)

Played around in the mountain river after taking an ice cold river bath for recovery after inlining...

Riding into the sun as we bike down to the Bow river in Calgary for our ice bath recovery...

Darren doing sled pushes during our weight workout 

We make recovery bikes exciting, riding around Calgary, exploring new areas

Sometimes speedskating taxes your body so much all you can do is lie down on the grass in the hot sun and not move...

Our second time inlining in the rocky mountains, this time the clear skies brought beautiful, more visible scenery that was stunning....

TeamSwiderPeltz after an intense stair workout at the McMahon 1988 Winter Olympic stadium, in which mom Coach had her last Olympic Opening/Closing ceremonies!

During another recovery bike around Calgary...the striking downtown Calgary view from the river bluff

GoPro picture I took from lap day last week

From the first day we arrived in Calgary, excited to finally speed skate!

First time putting on my (Nancy Jr.) speedskates after a year and a half!

Waiting for the Zamboni to finish resurfacing the ice before the second part to our ice workout...

Ice bath recovering in the Bow River with our hot tea :)

Snack break on one of our recovery bike days along the Bow River

Going off the normal paths onto fun trails as we bike around Calgary

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