30 January 2016

World Cup Stavanger Day 2

Short update, again because we need to get to bed for another big race day tomorrow. Jeffrey raced his 5k today and I raced my 1500m. Jeffrey's 5k was solidly consistent, but not his potential...and my 1500m was, well, lets just say my first World Cup race in 4 years. And it is a race from which I can only get better and improve. To be honest I was not happy at all, but as I sat down afterwards, I was just thankful to have the opportunity to be at this World Cup and gain international experience again. Perspective. I can smile though it hurt. :)

Tomorrow is the 1000m for Jeffrey and the 3000m for me. Jeffrey will be racing at 11:35am (4:35am CST) and I will be racing the 3k at 12:40pm (5:40am CST). The last day of racing!

Picture below is of our great and long-time friend Mats Roger Jensen who we've known from the days of summer ice camp in Hamar (Norway) that Mom-coach taught for years. Then he came to the US and trained with TeamSwiderPeltz for the 2010 Olympics but missed it. He's an incredibly hard worker, has a heart of gold and am so thankful we are able to catch up with him and his father Geir-Arne again. 

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