01 March 2012

Ice in Inzell is Finished for this Season

Max Aicher Arena

Coos and I, the last ice session at the Max Aicher Arena
And the 400m track at the Max Aicher Arena is officially closed! One last time, I skated the night session last night...lap after lap just working on specific points in my technique in preparation for next season. The next two years are crucial for perfecting technique, training, goals...to win Gold, one has to do the extraordinary, the unusual, and has to walk the path no one else does. Trials and road blocks have come my way and because of my great role model in my mom/coach, I generally walk the path less traveled, but there are always ways to improve the self. My life the next couple years will be living and breathing everything speedskating and how I can become a champion :)

The other day Jeffrey and I had the privilege of meeting the Pap/Brouwer family (they are from the Netherlands and vacationing in a friend's apartment here in Inzell) and last night, their father, Coos, joined me in skating the last session. Enjoying the relaxed atmosphere and being in a technical mindset, I started giving Coos technical pointers to work on for the future, haha. It was a great night and what a wonderful family they all are!
The Pap/Brouwer family and I on Leap Day in Salzburg 

God Bless,
Nancy Jr.

1 Corintians 9:25

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