21 March 2012


What does our offseason look like? Not Much, only two weeks off! For the last two weeks, since racing ended for me, I've been skating in Milwaukee 3 times a week to improve flaws in my technique and refocus on goals for next season (along with other technical workouts). On March 23, The Pettit National Ice Center removes their 400 meter oval ice until mid-August, so that's when Nancy and I will take a whole 2 week "offseason." Early April, the tough training resumes.

Now what do Nancy and I do with so much time on our hands now? *joke*  Well, Nancy is taking quad classes at Wheaton College and I'm sitting in on some, but for speedskating, offseason is a time for reflection and creative invention. What did we like and dislike about training, location and competition from the season and how can we change that for next season? How can we improve our attitudes? What are our new goals? Also, can we come up with any new training exercises that will be more effective for next season? This is where the creativity comes in. Check out my new exercise below...and thanks to my Dutch friend for the idea!

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