29 June 2012

Looking back on 5 Weeks of Training in LA (5/1-6/6)

Those were five weeks that DID NOT fly by! 4 hours skating and dryland in the morning, a long nap and a couple more hours of beach runs or weights after that. Plus stretching, rolling, sharpening skates and riding a bike everywhere I went because that's all I had. That schedule seems to stretch out the days pretty long but I loved it. Just the change in location and atmosphere was refreshing and I'm super excited for the season because I continue to improve a lot in strength and technique. As for the cut in my shin, it's healed really well but has left enough of a scar to look a little gnarly.

2 things. I can't thank Wilma Boomstra (my coach in LA) enough for pushing my limits technically, physically and mentally. The best thing about her is that the more you push yourself and invest in every practice, the more she will push you to get better. And she was constantly on me to stick out the laps or fix technical issues. I also can't thank Larry and Laura Robinson enough for being such a great host family and having one of the best showers in LA. I couldn't have trained this summer in California without you.

Miss you coach Wil

I feel like an ant trying to pull a brick or something.

Admiring our dryland technique in front of the ice rink's reflective windows

Rest during a morning skate

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