14 June 2012

Spring Training...May/June

Spring Training...May/June

Devon, my fierce merciless (haha) trainer
my awesome view of Chicago from CoreFitness
Stairs at Wheaton College stadium
Season 2012-2013 is underway! While Jeffrey was out in California (he is back now), my spring training consisted mainly of lifting and running (including our brutal stair workouts and speed/agility). My lifting is done in downtown Chicago at CoreFitness, where Dusten and Devon kick my butt every time, ha. I do, literally, walk out of their gym a little disjointed because my nervous system was smoked. BUT, I have to thank Devon and Dusten so much for their investment in my life, they've pushed me to my limits (wisely). For my agility/speed workout, I drive up to Northbrook, IL for a session with Tommy at TCBoost where I'm developing my speed and power, which I have felt to be my weakness in the past. I highly recommend TCBoost. What they have done for me has been high-quality training that any athlete looking for an increase in power should check out! The rest of the time I am based at home in Wheaton and with the amazing weather we've been having, I've been able to do all the workouts outside! Such a blessing..

Just yesterday was my first skating session on the short track ice in Park Ridge with the club there (where my mom began her skating career herself). Now Jeffrey has been skating short track the last month in California, but I have not jumped to skate quite yet in order to develop brute strength as well as keeping skating fresh, for we will have a long season on the ice soon enough. So with the first ice practice comes technical drills...and only technical drills. Solidifying technique when we first step on that ice is important, so yesterday's practice was nothing fast, just controlled skating drills. 

In the picture below, you see Jeffrey showing us some thoughts on technique he learned while out in California as we began the first summer ice practice. And for the first time, I actually felt strong and in control skating for the first short track practice. If I recall correctly, usually my first practice consists of frustration because my feet cramp and I hurt after just a couple drills, but this session was different. Maybe this is a sign that this year will be a breakout year :) Although there is still plenty of training that is going to go down between now and our first national race, I was ecstatic yesterday and could not stop smiling being on the ice again and feeling amazing. Speedskating is what I do...and it is what I love. Here is to what will be my best skating season yet!!!

First Park Ridge summer ice session, Jeffrey demonstrating
God Bless,
Nancy Jr.

1 Corinthians 9:25

Thanks always to all our (team swiderpeltz) sponsors and those who have personally invested in our lives and our career goals! Please check them out and if you'd like, follow them on twitter: Extreme Endurance @Xendurance, Ochsner InternationalCoreFitness @corechicago, Dr. Stuart Yoss at Bannockburn ART, Major Chiropractic Sports Science, TCBoost @TCBoost, Oakley @oakleysports, Under Armour @UAWomen...

P.S. A couple weeks ago I joined Ronald McDonald House Charities of Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana and Wiesbrook Elementary School in fundraising a Tiger Trot that raised over $6,000! I'm so proud of all who came out to run that morning as well as their hearts were in a place of serving others and that is worth a huge recognition! I want to thank all those who participated for letting me be a part of the Tiger Trot and though I am from the North side of Wheaton, more important issues in life were being addressed and caring about those who need it the most and that is honorable :)

Ronald McDonald, myself, Tiger, and Principal Turyna 

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  1. So excited for this coming season for you. I'm glad you're feeling so great on the ice. I miss you dear friend!