26 October 2012

One Week til Racing Season OFFICIALLY begins!

Photo credit: Hilary Barreto 
One week today til our first national competition for this season!

As we count down to our Fall World Cup Qualifier, November 2-4th...our bodies have started resting and mentally we are preparing for the racing season that is just around the corner. I'm pumped to finally put all my hard work from this past summer/fall to the test, but at the same time, there is definitely a little nervousness that stems from the unknown of how I will race. But it's the good nervousness! For myself, I've had a rocky road since the Vancouver Olympics, hitting road blocks each fall with injuries, so I've not had a normal competition season since 2009/2010. Next weekend will be a great test to see how my coach, my therapy team and I, have overcome these obstacles.

If you are in the Chicago area or Milwaukee, I strongly encourage you to come to the Pettit National Ice Center next weekend to watch all the top speedskaters from USA compete for the Fall World Cup circuit, it'll be worth it...this weekend of racing is the closest you can come to watch Olympians and Olympic hopefuls and its FREE to watch!

Info on the event can be found by clicking here or visit our Facebook event page at:

And definitely be checking back here on the blog for results and more blogging on our thoughts as we lead into the racing season...

Thanks to all who've been supporting us, we couldn't be doing what we love without your help!

God Bless,
Nancy Jr.

1 Corinthians 9:25

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  1. All the best to you all! We'll be thinking of you, and cheering from BC!
    Scott, Allison, and Michaela