07 November 2012

Déjà Vu

Life is Unpredictable...so unpredictable...

That is the story of my last couple weeks of training...or the lack of training. It pains me to write this because I feel I keep letting down (with every injury I get) all those who have been my support team these past years, who have gotten me through 3 injuries since Vancouver 2010. Don't get me wrong, I am bouncing back, but this past weekend, as you know, the Fall World Cup Qualifier in Milwaukee took place and so many were excited to see how our hard work would pay off from the summer/fall in my racing. In short, I overtrained myself once again...literally déjà vu to Olympic year when I did the same thing, but I still made the Olympic Team. So there is always hope...if you believe...and that is what I am doing. I have faith (especially in the One who is guiding my daily life, Jesus Christ).
Jeffrey Racing his 1000m last Saturday

The awesome t-shirt Jake made for Jeffrey's race,
mom is signing it "I love Jake, Nancy Sr." :)
Rewinding back a couple weeks: I really didn't realize my worsening condition until my body started acting weird after my back injury (see my blog entry on that for more info. here). Though I had great workouts once I recovered from my back spasms, there would be a workout here or there when I just wanted to stop part way through or I mentally had to play tricks to fight my way through the workout. Knowing the Fall World Cup Qualifier was coming up, I didn't want to mentally trick myself into thinking something was wrong (again, something I think makes me strong, but is my downfall, usually), so I kept fighting through a roller coaster of workouts. The night before my races last Friday, I basically had the worst race-prep and it took all of me to fight through and compete the next day...which was terrible. My 500m and 3k races were 'blah' and I couldn't fight like I usually could do, I just motioned my way through the races. Once I finished that morning, I knew I was done competing for the weekend and thus began the painful process of letting people know I wouldn't be racing the last 2 days. I felt awful I couldn't inform everyone, but if you came, I hope watching the racing was inspiring! It is such a cool sport that not many people get to watch live. :)

I don't wish this kind of pain on anyone, so if this post can help prevent athletes from overtraining (also read this article on it, its very informative), I am pumped! The plan from here is to rest...which I have been doing. I am resistant stretching a lot and taking time off of skating for a couple weeks. Obviously I will not be going to the Fall World Cups, but I have complete confidence I will be back with great force by the USS National Trials in Salt Lake City, December 27-31st. None of this has affected any Olympic qualifying...so the passion to make Sochi 2014 is still running strong through my veins, ha.

Jeffrey's fans: Dena, Steph, Kyle, Jake and myself...cheering him on in the 1000m
Like above, I hate disappointments, and last weekend was just that, but know that all you who have been of great support to us, it means the world to Jeffrey and I. I am fighting through this and will try not to disappoint again. All our product/service sponsors (Extreme Endurance, Major Chiropractic & Sports Injury, CoreFitness Chicago, Magnet Street, Dr. Yoss/ART, Ochsner International, USANA, TCBoost, sorry if I forgot any!) have been so supportive and cannot thank you all enough for your generosity. We couldn't be where we are today pursuing our dreams without your help. And then our family and friends...your moral support is what pushes us through these tough trials and again, we couldn't achieve our goals without your encouragement. :) Thank you all.

And as for Jeffrey's races, I will let him blog about that himself! So watch out for that post...

God Bless,
Nancy Jr.

1 Corinthians 9:25 

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