13 December 2012

A Visual Diary of Training in LA, Summer of 2011

So Nancy mentioned a bit ago about some art we do in our free time and to continue that dialogue we're going to make a page of some projects and also post here and there about them as well...maybe we should rename this blog 'The Art of Speedskating.'

To kick this off, here's something I call my visual diary of training in Los Angeles during the summer of 2011. Almost everyday, I added something to the 'mural' so to make a visual account of my two months there. In it, places, skating lingo, goals, etc., have meaning that maybe wouldn't make sense to everyone else (as diaries sometimes do). For example, '25.8 LAP' was my goal for the fastest lap time I wanted to skate last year-which I ended up skating a 26.0 last year, just missing that goal. And being in LA, I also tried to incorporate a little street art into my own style.


  1. This is awesome Jeffrey! YOU ARE SO TALENTED!!

  2. Awesome - I'd love to have a poster of this on my wall at work!