06 December 2012

A Couple Sweet Races in Calgary

A bit late, but Nov 14-17 I traveled to Calgary, Canada for a competition on their fast ice. The first day was a little disappointing but by the 4th day I had knocked down two personal best times by quite a bit. Overall, super happy with those two races but I've still got a lot of improving ahead of me in order to reach some of my goals this year.

1500 Meters: dropped from 1:51.74 to a 1:49.41 <wow that race was so hard
5,000 Meters: dropped from 6:49.18 to a 6:43.14 

Even better than those races, though, was meeting a handful of college-grad believers that hung out with me on a day off in between races and took me to Centre Street Church Sunday after races. So great to just randomly meet and to spend time with people from Calgary who had nothing to do with skating. Can't wait to meet up with them in the future. (S/O to Brooke, Helen, Eric!)

In the meantime, we'll both be training our brains out in Milwaukee this december until we'll compete starting December 27th in Salt Lake City.

Brian, me and Nancy Sr. after racing at the Fall World Cup Trials, Nov 4th. Great shot and thanks Michael Callahan.

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