23 March 2013

2012-13 Season is Over for Brian Hansen

Cheering from afar is never the same as being right there yourself. This World Championship competition in Sochi, Russia this weekend was my main goal this year to make, and so having to be a spectator and not the competing athlete has been difficult. But looking back on this year, let alone my last three years that have been full of injuries and comebacks, I don't regret the path that I have taken in my athletic career. It's been worth it.

That being said, being able to cheer on Brian Hansen and my mom/coach as they finish their speedskating season this weekend at the World Championships in Sochi, Russia, has been awesome. Being able to watch his races live and seeing my coach on TV as well still amazes me. Technology is such a blessing! And this venue is the Sochi Olympic rink for next year, so my mom has been sending me videos and pictures throughout the week of the area and venue so I get the feeling of being there, haha. She is great. :)

But back to racing/results from Worlds...

Brian raced this past Thursday/Friday, placing the highest he ever has at a World Championships! In the 1500m on Thursday, he placed 4th...in the World, no big deal, ha. (See the entire 1500m results here: http://live.isuresults.eu/2012-2013/sochi/r1404.htm). Always bittersweet placing 4th at a major world competition, and having placed 4th myself at the last Olympics with my teammates, I know exactly how it feels. BUT, I believe being 4th going into Olympic year is a great position to be in...less pressure in having to defend one's world title for the Olympics.

Now on Friday (yesterday), Brian raced the 1000m, placing 9th and again, placing his highest ever in a World Championships...I'd say it was one successful season finish for Brian! (See the entire 1000m results here: http://live.isuresults.eu/2012-2013/sochi/r1403.htm).

Brian is now finished with his season, so proud of him and the rest of the USS team that has been representing us at the World Championships...and I am pumped for our mom to come home. Though, she will only be able to relax a couple of days before her MAJOR knee surgery that she has been needing for years. If you all remember, please pray for the surgeon and the success of her surgery which will be done this Thursday, March 28th!

NOTE: this is not the end of our blog posts now that this season has wrapped up and we are in our 'off-season'...keep checking back for more as we now head in Olympic year. Actually, we are hoping to hype things up more on this blog, posting more videos, giving you an inside look at what Olympic training looks like and like we promise in the title on our page: "This is a place for family, friends and supporters to follow our adventures as we compete and train our brains out to make the next winter Olympics in Sochi." Please continue to comment, like, and/or follow this blog and our twitters (find these links on the right sidebar of this blog) as well as my (Nancy Jr.) fanpage on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/NSwiderPeltzJr) where daily updates on training/life will be posted!

Thanks, as always, for your support in our journey to make the next Olympic team and it is our hope and prayer that we represent well, everyone who has helped us get to where we are today as well as our Lord and Savior.

God bless,

Nancy Jr. 

1 Corinthians 9:25

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