29 April 2013

In Support of Worldwide Skating in General

I think people have got to start rollerblading (or in-lining) more. It's fun, really easy on your body and you actually can go really fast if you learn how to skate right. I know it depends on where you live but in northern Illinois I hardly see any of it except if you're blading down the lakefront in downtown Chicago. So to everyone I say ROLLERBLADE THIS SUMMER! Nancy and I have done some in-lining for training in the past but not as much as some other US skaters, many of which have switched from the sport of in-line skating to speedskating. But I don't want to talk about competitive blading, just recreational. A couple years ago, some friends of mine at Wheaton College started a rollerblading gang and we even went out one night with glow sticks taped to our blades. I used my Dad's super comfortable and super retro rollerblades which I've since claimed ownership of since I don't think he'll be on them again. Since then I've been rollerbladeing all over the place instead of biking. Today I was psyched because I replaced the super worn-out wheels on 'my' rollerblades and with some sweet white ones and I can't get over how 80's they are. I hope they last forever!

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