16 May 2013

Pretty sweet that speedskating, outside the Olympics, is back on the screen after over a decade of absence!

"speedskaters [will] enjoy more than 13 hours of broadcast coverage on NBC and NBC Sports Network during 11 days of their Olympic trials in December and January — more than any other winter Olympic sport...Never has a winter sport's Olympic trials been featured so extensively on a major network, and Plant believes the exposure will help grow speedskating as well as help fans become familiar with skaters in advance of Sochi." -Mercury News

Found this quoted in this article that someone posted on facebook just now. It's pretty positive about the future of American speedskating and our organization...let's see how time tells the success of this possible turnaround. So far, they still have a major issue to resolve with a significantly unfair competition schedule this year for midwest skaters which will affect medal outcomes at the Olympics. Nevertheless, even though USSpeedskating neglects our team as much as they do, I'm stoked and appreciative of USS that my friends will be able to see a live feed of some of my races for the first time this December-via NBC.

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