11 June 2013

Shredding Some Ice

Nancy and I have been enjoying the last 3 months back in hometown Wheaton but also getting ready for the coming big-time season. We've been vamping up our training for the last two months and we're both feeling good about getting back on the ice to put to use what we've been working on!

So last week Brian and I went up to skate a short track practice at our home rink Pettit National Ice Center and after practice, ice master Paul wanted to hook one of us up to a GoPro to capture the first skaters to shred the fresh ice he just put in on one of the hockey rinks. Kyle Haun wore the cam with me and Brian Hansen skating and making passes around him. The ice was so clear and smooth and the shots turned out pretty sweet! Thanks Paul!

1 comment:

  1. Great video! I love this perspective, the speed, the power. It reminds me what I love about what we do. Food for my soul! Thanks Jeffrey! Keep up the great work, see ya soon.