07 January 2017

Day 2 - US National Championships

Day 2.

Today was the 1500m race. Jeffrey placed 4th overall in the US, qualifying him in the 1500m as well for the World Cup in Berlin, with a time of 1:47.4, just a second off his personal record. His goal was to set a personal at a 1:46.3, which he didn't achieve, but he did achieve is goal of making the world cup team in this distance alongside the 5k! 

Brian Hansen, our training partner and friend, also qualified for the Berlin World Cup by placing third overall today in the 1500m just ahead of Jeffrey. He's had a great comeback to this sport after taking a couple years off to pursue finishing a college education and picking up some fun hobbies on the side like surfing.

As for myself, I told you yesterday I would be racing the 1500m today and the 1000m tomorrow. But unfortunately, I have been dealing with an overtraining syndrome for over a month, which hasn't subsided, causing me to pull out of this weekends racing much to my regret. So the goal for myself right now is to overcome this with some rest, then slowly build up training again and persist thru March for the end of the season race in Calgary, Canada, the Finale.

Oh the obstacles the Lord throws at us...I will keep my head up and persevere, but I am also recognizing that the Lord is preparing me for when my speedskating career is finished and I am excited for the opportunities that will bring :)

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