11 May 2012

California Short Track Training

The funny thing about our team right now is that we're all split up. But it's a good thing because we're focusing on our different personal speedskating needs right now.

  • Brian is in Colorado Springs rehabbing a nagging back problem that he's dealt with for a couple years already
  • Nancy is In Wheaton having just finished 4 classes at Wheaton College and is now back into hard dryland training
  • And I'm in Los Angeles skating Short Track, some of the hardest training of the year, from May 1st to June 1st

In June we will all regroup in Illinois and then leave for Germany together in July to begin Long Track training.

Early spring and summer training is grueling but we must learn to always welcome the beast of pain and use it to our advantage when others let it control them. God never gives us more than we can handle and always gives us strength when we are in need of it. Yes, that applies to training as well. Especially since each day, each one of us is only one step away from saying "hey, I'm done with this speedskating stuff, it's too hard and it's not worth it." No one will give us grief about it and everyone would "understand." But I am motivated to speedskate because I enjoy the challenge and I think God enjoys that I enjoy the challenge and we also have such a sweet opportunity to be examples to others in this little niche of the athletic world. Yes there are bigger things than speedskating but it is a part of this world which I happen to be a part of and therefore I'm going to give it my best shot.

Here is some Short Track training footage from the last few days in LA (I know its not the best quality, but I've only got an iphone for now!) 

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  1. Jeffrey, Nancy, this training looks more like torture. I'm sure that it is outlawed under the Geneva Convention! Great work. I know how hard you guys work and how determined you are and to do this on your own without a knife at your back is amazing!!