19 May 2012

Living Life On The Edge (Of Blades)

During the begining of Thursday's practice, I skated a little to close to the skater in front of me and all of a sudden I had a speedskating blade in my shin as she kicked back for her crossover. I am super thankful though because the cut went through all layers of tissue above my muscle but not into it, which would have made the cut way more serious. I got stitches, took the day off, bought shin guards, skated a tough practice the next morning and lifted weights afterwards without the cut being irritated at all. So it looks like I'll be OK and...it's going to be a sweet looking scar!


  1. Jeffrey, please be careful! Do you want battle scars like your mom and dad??

  2. Jeffrey, this looks horrible! Take some rest and make sure this cut is really healing!