20 May 2012

"I walk to the beat of a different drummer because most success stories are not conceived in the realm of the ordinary."

          -Coach Nancy Swider-Peltz Sr 

I'm blessed she's our coach because otherwise there is a good possibility we would have been caught in the uncompromising and egotistical desires of other coaches and furthermore, institutions, and we would not have grown to be who we are we are today. And I'm not merely confining that to speedskating...She is uncommon, and therefore her method of coaching disagrees with conventional knowledge and rather draws from intuition, research and experiential wisdom-areas of expertise that cannot be measured or written in some scientific manual. The best push the boundaries. She has proven successful time again, even in the faces of those who say she doesn't know what she's talking about. People often laugh at those who aren't afraid to be uncommon-to make they're own way-but they will never live to know what it's like to "dare mighty things and win glorious triumphs."

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