18 December 2013

9 Days to the Olympic Trials/50 Days to Sochi 2014

Time just flies...which all the more emphasises the quote "live like its the last day of your life." But as humans, we forget; we don't always see the urgency of making every moment count and loving those around us. I wish I could say I have lived each day to the fullest, loving on others, and investing fully in relationships that matter, but I haven't. I think it's nearly impossible to daily live like this, but that doesn't mean you don't try daily to make each day a day to remember. I have made many mistakes throughout my years and my journey has been far from easy, battling injury after injury, but looking back, I don't regret the road I've taken to get here because of the lessons that have influenced and shaped me into the person I am today. My mistakes have given me the opportunities to be able to better relate to others and share my experiences, which ultimately can shape someone else's life for the better. It is amazing how God uses your moments of weaknesses to strengthen and then influence those around you.

As the Olympic Trials draw near (9 days and counting til the first day of racing) with the hard training done and final preparations being set, I find myself using this time relaxing with reflection...but reflection on the positive. One way I do this is by writing a numbered list of the trials that I have gone through ('negative sheet') and then on another sheet ('positive sheet'), matching up all those trials with the lessons I learned from them and/or how God has given me the power to overcome those times of frustration. And as I write those lists, I find the things I write on the positive list overflow with more than just one outcome, but a repercussion of successes that have resulted from the hardships. I encourage you to do the same...

On a less mental-provoking subject, both Jeffrey and I are pumped to be finally here in Salt Lake City (even though we'd have preferred to be in Milwaukee, at the Pettit, for the Olympic Trials, where it should have been) and putting in the final preparations for the Olympic Trials that will begin next Friday, the 27th of December. Resting is key while being here, but we will also be using this time to familiarise ourselves with the faster ice of the Salt Lake City oval and perfect our skating one last time. Again, I cannot believe the time is here again for the Olympic Trials, but I am stoked, and I know Jeffrey is too, to be able to give you (who have supported us so much in these last 4 years) excitement and a reason to watch the Olympic Trials along with the fact that it will be just awesome! And it is televised live, so all you should be planning your days around the NBC schedule which is below: 


Time (ET)
Fri., December 27
Men’s 5000m and Women’s 3000m
8 p.m.
Sat., December 28
Men’s & Women’s 500m
3 p.m.
Sun., December 29
Men’s & Women’s 1000m
3 p.m.
Tue., December 31
Men’s & Women’s 1500m
6 p.m.
Wed., January 1
Men’s 10,000m & Women’s 5000m
5 p.m.

All other info on the Olympic Trials can be found at this link:

As the countdown draws near, we will keep you updated and maybe do a video blog soon to give you a feel of what we are doing in the last days...so stay tuned and follow us! And not just here, but also on our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook! 

Nancy Jr:
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Jeffrey Jr:

Merry Christmas and God bless from Salt Lake City,
Nancy Jr.

1 Corinthians 9:25


  1. So excited!! Thanks for the update. Praying. Do your best no matter what (Psalm 46:10, Job. 1:21). We believe in you.

  2. I, too, am so excited for you, Jeffrey and your Mom. Praying. You and Jeffrey will do your best I know, and skating for Him and Thy Will will carry you both to new heights. Looking forward to the updates when they arrive from SLC.