29 December 2013

Day 3 (1000 meters) of the US Olympic Trials

The feeling of making the Olympic Team for the first time is BEAUTIFUL, MAGICAL...so huge congratulations to those who've made their first Olympic Team thus far: Emery Lehman, Anna Ringsred, Sugar Todd, Brittany Bowe, Jonathan Garcia, Kelly Gunther, Joey & Pat...welcome to the prestigious family of Olympians! Proud of you...you'll be going on to represent Team USA well.

But for some, the Olympic Trials is heartbreaking. My heart goes out to you all who've missed the Team by a hair, or the timing for your perfect race just wasn't there...I know this feeling, I hurt with you.

Back to successes, our teammate Brian Hansen has officially made his second Olympic Team in the 500 and 1000m so far...with a great possibility of the 1500m as well!

As for me and Jeffrey, we both raced the 1000 meters today to get ready (like a practice race) for a shot at the 1500 meters. My 1000m wasn't near my potential but Jeffrey did pretty well (he finished 14th) though he's not too happy with his cause he knows he can do so much better. Looking forward to the 1500.

Also, TOMORROW is off from racing for all speedskaters...but watch Tuesday when we and Brian will be doing the 1500 meters.

And once again, trying to express our thankfulness for all the support #TeamSwiderPeltz throughout these last 4 years and at this Olympic Trials has been hard to put into words. You are all the best...here is a little glimpse (sorry if I missed you, I couldn't find your picture or I didn't get one sent, but you are known) in pictures of some of the amazing support we've gotten (THANK YOU! and if you still want a TSP T-shirt yourselves, go to: http://tspstuff.spreadshirt.com):

the Fulton Family...their support has always meant the world! 
Hahaha, love this Sam pic...best TSP fan ever :)
Dave Wager, he's is JUST the BEST :)
TSP T-Shirt AND cake...Renée is the best friend ever :)
Renée and her mom giving us support from home! 

Johnny & Britta wearing their homemade T-Shirts!

Sarah Levon sporting her TSP shirt! 
Krista Wager sending us her love!
Lance with his TSP T-Shirt!

And Kate, someone who we don't even know supporting us & a huge Winter Olympic fan! LOVE!

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