30 December 2013

Olympic Trials Update: Day off before our last races tomorrow

Hey everybody! Once again, thanks so much for following our shot at the Olympics. We've tried to give everyone a glimpse into the lives of a brother/sister/mom team of speedskaters for the last year and a half and it's been quite the journey and challenge. I also believe we have realized the necessity for Christ and the Holy Spirit in our lives as we have submitted ourselves time and time again to exhausting physical and mental training. And if we hadn't submitted to this type of discipline and trusted in God's faithfulness we would not have the opportunity to succeed or fail.

So far, Nancy has raced a 3000 and 1000 meters and I have raced a 500 and 1000 meters. Nancy had a shot to make Team USA in the 3000 but missed it. Then, her next race and my first two races have been a preparation for a chance for both of us to make it in the 1500 meters tomorrow. Let's get'em tomorrow!

You can watch NBCSports on TV or at this link (http://stream.nbcsports.com/liveextra/) to see the 1500's tomorrow. I, Jeffrey, will be 12th pair starting around 5pm MST. Nancy will be 8th pair, starting around 3:35pm MST.

To see live results if you can't watch, head to Speedskatingresults.com

P.S. we are never sure exactly what they'll cover on NBC so sometimes they cut off some of the coverage on NBC's main network and show full coverage on NBCSports or the livestream online, so sorry if you missed it :(

Jeffrey's Results so far:
500m: 22nd
1000m: 14th

Nancy's results so far:
3000m: 9th
1000m: 15th

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