28 December 2013

Post 3k Olympic Trials Reflecting...

My awesome supporters: Britta Erickson & brother Johnny
Tough and frustrating 3000m race last night...not the outcome I had hoped, but I went out and gave the race my all. As my uncle Mike (coach Swider for some of you) wrote to me before my race: "when it is all over, you will have either died charging or you will have made the Team. However, if you do die, there is no shame if you die hard." Well, know that I died in that race...trying :) Probably started out a little too fast for the ice conditions and my ability, resulting in my legs hitting a wall part-way through making finishing utterly painful. Like I have said to some already, there are still more races left and I have not given up my will to fight/succeed with the talent the Lord has given me. The 1000m is tomorrow (Sunday) and the 1500m is on Tuesday.

The 1000m will be shown live tomorrow (see schedule below), but I will most likely not be shown at all because they only show the last couple pairs of skaters. I've not trained for the 1000m, but racing it for speed work in preparation for the 1500m. :)

As for Jeffrey, he raced one 500m today to practice speed work for his 1500m on Tuesday, and will be also racing the 1000m tomorrow. So keep on the lookout for the live results here: speedskatingresults.com or if they show us on TV, on NBC! Jeffrey's 500m today was just a tenth off his personal best with a couple slips within the race, so it was a decent race and good prep.

Major congrats to those who have made the Olympic Team so far...Jill, Anna, Heather, Lauren, Sugar, Brittany, Mitch, Brian, Tucker, Shani, Emery, Jonathan, and Pat! It's one thrill of an accomplishment.

But the best part of yesterday was the support team I have had throughout these last 4 years...just amazing and I can only praise the Lord. The texts, Facebook messages, voicemails, calls, pictures, screams...they all just blew me away. And still are. You hear it often, how much an athlete relies on their family, coach(es), friends, sponsors, giving them so much credit for getting them to their goals, to the Olympics. It is true. YOU are the reasons we press on, push forward and fight. And I have so much to thank you all for for getting this far in my speedskating career...I just wish (and still hope) that I could be able to thank you all with a 2014 Olympic berth. We have yet to see...

God bless,

Nancy Jr.

1 Corinthians 9:25


Time (ET)

Sun., December 29
Men’s & Women’s 1000m
3 p.m.
Tue., December 31
Men’s & Women’s 1500m
6 p.m.
Wed., January 1
Men’s 10,000m & Women’s 5000m
5 p.m.

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