18 February 2014

Day 11 -Update from Nancy Sr. in Sochi, Russia

Some of my Dutch friends through the years...
A Dutch Physio, myself, Gerard Van Velde
(Dutch, SLC -Gold in 1000m),
Ronald Mulder (Dutch, Sochi -Bronze 500m),
Gianni Romme (Dutch, Nagano -2xGold, SLC -Silver),

Stefan Groothuis (Dutch, Sochi -Gold in 1000m)
18 Feb 2014

It's 3:15am as I am finishing this post and just sending these pics/clips to Nancy Jr. The last 2 nights I've only gotten 4 hours sleep each, so I'm going to leave the blog space to mostly a visual post. 

Here is an interesting Olympic story about the Dutch skater (Stephan Groothuis) who won gold in the 1000m last Wednesday.

He's the guy in the picture to the right--> sitting on the far right. Brian has interestingly been paired with him several times (has beaten him before :) but a real great guy! Read his story here...


The Team Pursuit guys (Brian, Shani Davis, and Jonathon Kuck with Mantia) practiced together again today showing what they do best...speed and teamwork. They'll be taking a rest day tomorrow with a race prep day on Thursday and then it's SHOWTIME on Friday and Saturday.

Here's a clip of the guys team pursuit from the 2010 Vancouver Olympics (Chad Hedrick, Brian Hansen, Jonathon Kuck). Watch starting at minute 45:45:

And then here is a flashback of Nancy Jr.'s Team Pursuit (with ladies Jennifer Rodriguez, Jilleanne Rookard) from Vancouver 2010...!!!! Watch the US ladies magical upset as they beat the Canadian ladies (who were set to win gold) by 0.05 seconds starting at minute 22:00:

Below: Bart Shouten, presently Canadian coach (coached Denny Morrison to Silver, Bronze here in Sochi. Also a Gold/Silver medalist from Vancouver/Turin, Italy Olympics respectively for the Team Pursuit races). Also coached American Chad Hedrick (his results are seen on the chart to the left).
Gold2006 Turin5000 m
Silver2006 Turin10000 m
Silver2010 VancouverTeam pursuit
Bronze2006 Turin1500 m
Bronze2010 Vancouver1000 m

Below: Shane Dobbin (distance skater from New Zealand). 
He just finished his 10k race which is his career's last. He's retiring after this Sochi Olympics. Took 14th in the 5k here in Sochi, 2014 & 7th today in the 10k. Was given the honor of carrying the New Zealand flag in the Sochi Opening Ceremonies. 

Jeff Klaiber (US 2x Olympian and coach of Emery Lehman - the "kid" on the US team, 17 yrs old), Maria Lamb (3x Olympian), Paul Marchese (maker of most popular custom molded skate boot being made today), Myself, Robert Lehmann (3x Olympian from Germany - was a part of our training group this year), Emery Lehmann (this Olympics 10th in the 10k, and 16th in the 5k).

The Dutch band called the (Kleintje Pils) which is one of several Dutch traveling bands who plays at all major Speedskating competitions. They are amazing. During competitions in Holland, this band continuously walks the arena playing their music, a very eclectic mixture of fun "stuff". And the crowd sings along LOUDLY and it brings a completely party nature to the competition!!!!

Here is the link to see a bit more about this band that just makes the rink come alive during competitions. And they re really fun guys! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1CbcCbJlsg&sns=em

Another short clip of the Kleintje Pils Dutch band playing during the 10,000m races today. Sochi Olympics:

The well known Dutch speedskater Sven Kramer who was expected to win 3 golds in Vancouver and came away with 1 (losing a first place finish in the infamous 10k to a missed lane change). Here he finishes 2nd in the 10k that he was expected to win.

The finish of Sven Kramer's 10k Olympic race today....epic. He took Silver.

Just sending snipits of my day so you get a feel for what the routine is. Here I am picking my bike up inside the venue area because I cannot take it out of the secured area.

Another "snip-it" of my day. It was raining all day and I resorted to wearing towels throughout the day as I rode the bike around. I just got back to my place.

Goodnight from Sochi!
Nancy Sr.

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