11 February 2014

Day 4 -Day in the life of Nancy Sr. at the Sochi Olympics

11 Feb 2014

TOMORROW! Brian Hansen races the 1000m, his first shot at the Olympic Podium!!!

Nancy Jr. will now give you a heads up on how to watch Brian racing tomorrow:

1000m Men Competition Day Detailed Schedule
"If you are wanting to watch his race live, you have to watch online either with a subscription to NBC extra live or from another country's live broadcast (I go to http://nos.nl/os2014/ using a different IP address). The 1000m Men's races begin at 8am CST, but Brian is 19th pair, approx. racing at 9:20am CST. For live non-video results, check here: http://www.sochi2014.com/en/speed-skating-men-s-1000-m. Also, you can wait til 8pm PrimeTime on NBC tomorrow evening to hopefully see the recapping of the 1000m men. The pictures to the right and below are the sheets of information the coaches/officials/skaters get after pairings the night before look like these...."
The Adler Arena -Long Track Speedskating

Pairing Sheet for the 1000m Men

Nancy Sr. with Julie Hansen (Brian's mother)

I need to get a good night's sleep tonight, so the blog post for today consists mainly of pictures and videos. Sorry, but tomorrow is an important day. If you get a chance, please lift Brian and I up in prayer. This is a big day tomorrow! And then Brian will be racing the 1500m race on Saturday, another one of his potential podium finishes.

Thank you all, as always, for the continual support and encouragement for Briana and I. 

God Bless,

Nancy Sr.

Our speedskate sharpening process (Brian's 1000m Olympic race sharpening). Listen carefully to Brian's comments :)

A quick pan of the venues from the back side. Try to imagine this massive entertainment park one day. The center is the flame. A race car track will go around that. With some of the venues to still remain (some taken down & relocated). A Disney amusement park with castle hotels and a massive array of luxury resort apartments (Olympic village) on the Black Sea!!!!

And then what it looks like going from the speedskating oval (called Adler Arena) into the circle of venues (right to left) hockey, opening ceremonies stadium, figure/short track...

Just to give you a feel for where I walk in everyday to the speedskating ice rink...

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