07 February 2014

Opening Ceremony insights from Nancy Sr. -w/ Videos

Opening Ceremony Day

7 Feb 2014

Simply put, I believe Putin was very involved and had one goal in mind...


At this point, his incessant stoic demeanor at the opening (which I saw on TV like you all, but stepped outside my hotel to see the fireworks as you will see here) seemed to say" I did it world, I proved all the naysayers wrong". He did!

At this point, this Olympics is like no other. An amazingly massive smooth running machine and the Russian volunteers are either genuinely super gracious and wanting to please or they have orders...

I tend to think the first and if I were the Russian people, I'd be quite proud of the final outcome.

I have heard there was a lot of forced labor and much labor from other countries (Ukraine, Turkey), but with where this project was last year, I can't imagine anything else but pressure, force, yellin, fightin, and contractors and planners and workers going crazy on each other at the end. This had to come down to a do or die! And I'm amazed that, from the observers point of view, the finishing touches were just accomplished through today. They covered so much "not so nice lookin areas" of buildings or dirt with HUGE cloth Sochi banners. These themselves took amazing planning and it's hard to believe they had the foresight to know what and where they d be needed. It's like putting the floorboard down, the ceiling molding up, the carpet and the paint (in new construction to hide the rough edges).

I'm sending here some short videos of my day, and then some clips of the opening ceremony fireworks display at the end. 

Again, thanks to y'all for your love, prayers and support. I could not get through this Olympics without all of you.

Nancy Sr.

Walking home from the venues in Sochi, fairyland like! from TeamSwiderPeltz on Vimeo.

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