21 February 2014

Day 14 -Team Pursuit/No Medals

21 Feb 2014 -Nancy Sr.

As you all probably have seen already, the Team Pursuit didn't make it...we tried to pull it together but it didn't happen. I won't say it was for lack of trying or the training put in this year by the guys wasn't Olympic efforts, but recent preparation wasn't there and that was evident. It's often hard to say it like it is and sometimes best left unsaid, but in sport you either win or you don't. The line doesn't lie. And at this Olympics and as I hear so many times on press releases, the spin put on makes it all just fade into oblivion. Another cliché...sometimes that's what you do to move forward, but I'm kinda getting tired of the avoidance of the reality of it all. For me, the sacrifices over the last 15 years does not warrant a brush over and a spin. 

We bleed, sweated, and teared this and I don't take it lightly. Results should have been different. These guys were World Cup silver medalists just 2 1/2 months ago. It wasn't miscommunication during the TP race. Training was lacking and for a reason. As for Brian, he was prepared.

Tomorrow I will give my side that I haven't already given.

I stayed in the village area after the races, worked out, and hung out in the dining hall talking to whomever came in...kind of a mistake because now it's 3:15am :(

I'm so preoccupied on race day, and I forget to take pictures of the warmup and racing process. I wish I had done it on at least one of the days...

Because I will be writing a lot tomorrow and I didnt have any pictures/videos to show, I decided to video as I rode home. They let me in the park at 1:30am! Few were still roaming the park but it was odd to see it so empty.

I started with a repeat video of the satellite photo to give you perspective. Then took 7 video clips of the Olympic venue area and then my hotel and street (not too exciting!)

It's been a sad day...this is the first Olympics the US Long Track Speedskating team hasn't won a medal in over 30 years.

Goodnight from Sochi
Nancy Sr.


Again, wanted to show you this video again before the videos that are coming after this one. This is a huge panoramic satellite view of the Olympic park and surroundings. They just put it up on the wall in our hotel. I thought you would get a better feel for some of the videos I've sent by looking at this to put it all in perspective. Study this a minute and then go back to some of the videos already sent. I wish I d sent this first cause it's hard to get a feel for what I ve sent without the context.

The first video in my (Nancy Sr.) trek back to my place going through the venues.

Night-Time view of the colourful speedskating Adler Arena in Sochi

From the middle of the Sochi Olympic Park....a panoramic view at night.

Another panoramic view of the Olympic venues in the Sochi Olympic park...including Adler Arena for speedskating.

Views of the Olympic Flame/Country houses....

Video of the future race track that will be the highlight of Sochi along with more of the Olympic venues at night.

The Olympic venue entrance -Sochi, Russia

The street I live on and my hotel here in Sochi.

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