07 February 2012

2 Years!

A fun fact about today is that it marks the TWO year countdown to the 2014 Sochi Olympics (it's already been two years since the Vancouver Olympics)! Crazy how time flies...and the excitement of another Olympics is starting it's spark.
Just sitting down after my first full day here in Hamar, Norway and about to fall asleep typing, ha. Jet lag is torture. Though I've slept a ton last night, nothing is like mid-morning and longing for sleep all day because it is the middle of the night back home.

Mom coach arrived early afternoon and after a quick nap, joined Brian and I to the 'Vikingskipet' for our first ice practice. It went well and both of us liking the slower 'work ice' because it is similar to our home ice in Milwaukee...its just a wee bit cold in the rink! Poor mom about froze to death (well, maybe not death, but close) with just an hour and a half session-coaches sacrifice a lot for us! Mats (close Norwegian friend who's basically family to us, in photo below) arrived in Hamar tonight and skated as well. So great seeing him again cause its been more than 2 years, too long.

Races start in 4 days...but I will just be racing Sunday (3k and Team Pursuit, aka TP). What has been going around the speedskating world though, is the fact that the Elfstedentocht (click for more info, it's quite interesting) will be happening this year and It's been 15 years since the last one took place! It's the world's largest speedskating competition, taking place in Holland and only when the entire 200k route is frozen over 15cm thick. The course runs through 11 historic Friesian cities across dikes making it a classic race for sure...getting to participate is an honor and a huge challenge over there. One must be a world class speedskater or a member of the Association of the Eleven Frisian Cities and enter a lottery every year, not knowing if the race will happen that year. Main point: it's a BIG deal! It will be interesting to see wether or not Dutch speedskaters will show up for this World Cup, it's that huge! Man, even Brian has been talking non-stop about wanting to participate in this race since Sunday, when the news broke...

Alas...I am done for tonight, way past my bedtime and need to be rested for the important weekend. 

Ha det! (good-bye in norwegian)

God Bless...Nancy Jr.

1 Corinthians 9:25

Myself, Mom Coach, Mats, Brian, and Roger Schneider after our training tonight.

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  1. Take it all in and enjoy each moment. What an adventure you are on. Praying for you all.