08 February 2012

Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

Arrived Tuesday afternoon in Calgary to some chilly weather and a beautiful backdrop of mountains. I had enough time to get settled and make the 25 minute trek from my hotel to the ice rink and get used to the ice. Above is a video I took during the ice session trying to capture how big a long track speedskating oval really is. It is a really nice and warm rink, dug halfway into the earth and attached to an array of gyms and a food court located in the middle of the University of Calgary campus. The constant presence of university track athletes training hard on the track around the rink also creates a welcome energetic atmosphere.

Friday through Sunday I'm competing  in the North American Championships (or America's Cup III). Today I'm on the ice for some 'race prep' or a short, explosive session to get ready for the first races tomorrow. There will be a lot of really good Canadian skaters and it will be great to compete against different speedskaters for a change! 

I'm also working on a 'schedule' page so everyone can keep track of where Nancy and I are, especially like now when we're in different countries. Check out the crazy month of February!

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