22 February 2012

Inzell Training

Sorry everybody for the lack of posts, especially from Germany where its so exciting! We've been really busy and have internet availability only in one place. Nancy and I also really try to get pictures or video in every post but we haven't taken enough of them showing training so we've waiting on posting a little.

As for the training, the speedskating season is coming to an end in a few weeks so we're giving it our last tough training week and then it's off to racing. I've definitely made a big step here in Inzell with my skating, both technically and physically. Being it the end of the skating season as I mentioned, speedskaters become so accustomed to the feel of being on ice that they have the greatest ability at this point to fine tune technical issues. For example, after watching about 2 hours of film from skating on Sunday, I pinpointed a problem with my hips on the turn, fixed it the next day and I think that fix could be one of my biggest breaks this season because I've been skating so much better since then! As for strength, hard training in the summer and fall pays off as we tend to skate faster with more rested muscles. Therefore, if these two aspects of technique and strength come together as planned, speedskaters can make big improvements in late winter and as for me, I feel I'm in a great position going into my last competition (March 2-4). As always, I can't forget that I am only here with the dedication of my great coach, support from countless friends and the ability God has given me. Thank you!

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