25 February 2012

Inzell photos

Thanks to our Dutch friend Stephan Tellier for these photos he shot today. This was my second to last hard workout before America's Cup IV competition starting March 2nd. I will be easing into this next week and resting a lot to give my body adequate time to recover and feel explosive for racing...leaving for Salt Lake in 3 days!

Me, Brian , Maria Lamb & Jilleanne Rookard (and Coach Nancy Sr in the
background) during an 8 lapper today. The laps were progressive, going from
35 seconds for the  first lap to 31 seconds for the last lap.
Jilleanne & Nancy before a set of laps.
Our company in the ice rink is very international because athletes all
over the world are drawn to Inzell's beautiful setting and new facilities.
Here is Dmitri Lobkov, a well know Russian sprinter and his teammates
chatting after practice. They're doing everything they can to prepare for a
good showing for their homecrowd at the next Winter Olympics in Sochi.
It's good to see that he's smiling here because it's still not often that any
Russians smile or say hi when we see them, haha.

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