14 February 2012

Goodbye Calgary

Sunday found America's Cup III coming to an end as I finished the competition with my last two races. Immediately upon finishing my last race, I had 3 hours to catch my flight to Germany to meet up with Nancy Sr and my sister in Inzell. I had my suitcases at the rink, quickly changed clothes, said goodbye to the Canadians and Americans and went off to the airport without having time to cool down my legs or stretch. Not the best way for my legs to recover after competing in 13 races over 10 days but I can deal with that! On monday, I finally arrived in Germany to several feet of snow and frozen waterfalls 'cascading' off the mountainside as we drove through the mountains to Inzell, what a beautiful place. The crazy thing was that I arrived at the hotel the same time my mom and sister arrived there from Norway.

How did racing go? You can check out my times and placings here in each race, if you have an idea of what they mean ;) Overall, I set 2 personal records (in the 1000 meters and 1500 meters) and was mostly satisfied with the competition although I thought I could have raced a little smarter and more aggressive at times. By my next competition in early March, though, I think I can improve on those two PR's and my others times as well (don't we all!)

Below are a couple photos I grabbed off a google search attempt showing the Calgary Olympic Oval I raced in this last weekend. You might also remember that this was featured in one of the greatest movies ever, COOL RUNNINGS.

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