19 February 2012


Over the last few days I've gotten to know some of the German speedskaters (while Nancy and Brian already know most of them) and on Thursday night they invited us to join them for some..."Bobsledding." Whatever they meant by bobsledding we could never quite understand so we braced ourselves for either extreme. We figured that we might actually end up at some Olympic sized bobsledding course or maybe just a lame bunny hill with some plastic sleds.

The result was more like an actual bobsledding course. We ended up at the base of a steep foothill where a German family had snow-blown a track up an old ski run into the tree-line. We grabbed some old-fashioned wooden sleds and then walked up the course for about a good 20 minutes to the beginning of the run. It was a blast! The wooden sleds got us going super fast as we plowed into the steep walls and over bumps while none of us were able to avoid epic crashes on the way down. Halfway down a band of German "kinder" hung out by the course and unleashed armfuls of snow into our faces as we whizzed past, haha. No waivers, no cost, great Bavarian hospitality and the most fun I've ever had on a sled! (Thanks Nancy Jr for the pics).

You can see the German kinder on the right preparing to unleash
their furry of snow onto unsuspecting sledders (Brian on the left)

Brian and I and our speedy wooden sleds

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