04 February 2012

Results From Day 1 of America's Cup II

Race Day 2 at the Pettit: Brian, myself, Nancy Sr., Jeffrey
First day of American Cup II races: Jeffrey skated a solid 500 with a 37.9 and won the 1000m with a 1:13.0! My 500 wasn't outstanding...it was mainly a race prep for the 3k that I raced today.

Day two of Am Cup races (1000/3k women an 1500/5k men) all done by 9:15am...that's a record! Jeffrey's 1500m was solid and took 2nd, was hoping for a couple tenths faster, but he skated technically sound. Going into my 3k I was a bit nervous after coming off of a two-week period of feeling sluggish and tired, but after giving the race to the Lord and knowing I had nothing to loose, I went out and skated a solid race at 4:15.0. That brought back some confidence again and now pumped to FINALLY get back to international racing, which starts next week in Hamar, Norway (my first world cup/international race since the Olympics!) You can find those results next weekend at the link to the upper right...

Jeffrey races one more day, tomorrow, at the Pettit for the American Cup II. Brian Hansen and I will head out tomorrow for Hamar, Norway with Team USA for World Cup #5 and stay in Europe for 7 more weeks with more World competitions to follow. Nancy Sr heads to Norway on Monday to be with us and Jeffrey will fly out Tuesday for Calgary to race the American Cup III/ North American Championships (click here for more info. on that event...results will come later too).

God Bless...Nancy Jr.

1 Corinthians 9:24

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