08 February 2012

Overall America's Cup II Results

Altogether, the America’s Cup II (Feb 3-5) competition was a success! Once again, the competition was basically for those who didn’t make a World Cup Team this year. Having said that, here are some of my key results from the weekend:

--1st place in both 1000 meter races
--2nd place in the 5,000 meters
--3rd place in the 1500 meters and the Mass Start race
--personal best time in the 500 meters (and 6th place)
Also, some of you have asked me why these competitions are significant...each of the four America’s Cup competitions allow skaters to earn points for high rankings and then eventually earn speedskating gear,  training assistance and/or funding at the end of the year. So far I’m doing really well.

          You guys rock! From left to right. Megan, Casey, Jake Thomas, 
                  Ryan, Mom, me, Ben the goon and Jake Van Rap.

           1st place in the 1000 meters!

The weekend also turned up a surprise when a bunch of my friends from Wheaton College showed up at the rink right before my first race on Sunday! They were a blast to have around all day and lined up at different points around the track to cheer me on. (In photo above)

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