12 February 2012

Goodbye Hamar!

The Vikingskipet itself...a beauty

And as quick as the World Cup started, it was finished! Time flies. There were some outstanding races even though the ice was a bit slow...Ireen vs. Nesbitt in their 1500m, Kramer vs. de Jong in the 5k, the Russians both dominated in their team pursuits, and many individuals stood out. Honestly, amongst all the nerves and craziness of the world cup, it was just fun seeing skating friends that I've missed over the years I've been away from the racing scene. 

Koen, Ted-Jan, and Brian
Results wise, Brian dominated his weekend considering his quick comeback. From taking 3rd in the B group in the 5k to placing 9th overall in the 1500m A group today along to a 4th place Team Pursuit finish (with Jonathan Kuck and Shani Davis as teammates), Brian had a successful weekend and was pretty pumped. I on the other hand had a rough one...a weekend I would like to forget, one would say, but I'm having to face it and try to learn in order to continue my improvements as I reach towards Sochi 2014. It is killing me seeing others stand on that podium (don't get me wrong, I am happy for them!), but I also know that if it is God's will, I will get there one day...patience, along with great technique and perfect training, and knowing God is there with me. Psalm 77:1-15.

So my 3k I pretty much bombed this morning, had absolutely no feel and fell way off my pace two laps into the race. Our Team Pursuit was better for me (though I will still not on top of my game) especially considering the little amount of actual training together. Jilleanne Rookard, Maria Lamb and I placed 8th, keeping us in the running for the World Single Distance Championships late March, but we were satisfied with how we communicated during the race and who we stuck together. Much more room to improve and we intend to do so.

Mats, Ida, myself, Anders and Geir Arne
What made today that much better, though, was seeing my awesome Norwegian friends (that are pretty much family) and finally getting to meet Ida, Mats's new girlfriend! Yes, Mats is officially ruining the great picture...way to go. 

Tomorrow everyone disperses...the World Championship team heads to Moscow and the rest of us (Brian, Mom coach, Alex Ochowicz and myself) head to Inzell, Germany to train for 2 weeks before heading to Heerenveen, Netherlands, for our next world cup. 

So good-bye from Hamar, Norway and good-bye Norway, one of my favorite places...I will miss you until next time!

God Bless,
Nancy Jr.

1 Corinthians 9:25

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